Physical Music


Following on from my research as part of the Choreographic Lab, between 2005 and 2007, I’ve been developing an aspect of my Voice(e)motion work to make what I call Physical Music films. I capture and edit small clips of people’s vocal-movement improvisations and using split-frame editing, as a compositional tool, arrange them into a bouncing, rhythmical musi-visual structure. At the moment they simply exist as films, but my hope is over time that they may eventually end up as mutli-screen installations or backdrops for people/performers to interact with live. The first sample below is a short film description of the process of making a Physical Music film, followed by the latest example - Sample 4. Sample 4 has been shown at the 2010 Wallpaper Dance Festival in Trieste, projected on the side of a building, also in 2011 as part of Dance 4 Presents at Nottingham Contemporary and the Edit 7th International Film Festival in Budapest.

The following two samples are my earliest attempts in the genre