Solo Performances



Directed by Lee Simpson.

Presently still in development for film, this is an auto-biographical storytelling piece that exposes the vain attempt I made as a nineteen year old to hitch-hike across France to try and lose my virginity. It toured the UK and also appeared at the 2005 TBA Festival in Portland, Oregon. Probably the most popular and most accessible of my solo shows. Still available for touring. Commissioned by Future Factory and BAC.

“Guy Dartnell's work stands out….Far from being edgy, Dartnell is remarkably human and has a knack for irreverent storytelling unmarred by excessive pretense, artifice or bitter irony”



Directed by Arlette George with additional direction by

Phelim McDermott.

Commissioned by the Now Festival and BAC this went on to win the Time Out Live Award for Best on the London Fringe 1998. A piece of vocal-physical theatre that explored the notion of what it is to have something, one thing, many things, or nothing to say - to some people, many people, to one person, to oneself. All rounded off by a lecture on the nature of enlightenment.

“A daringly inventive piece of theatre that arrives on the fringe like a blast of fresh air.” TIME OUT

UNSUNG (aka Consuming Songs) - 2000

Directed by Tom Morris and Alex Murdoch.

A fusion of voice, movement, improvisation and storytelling. A journey through the world of singing, sound and popular music, littered with stories of school choirs, record shops, girlfriends and bad backs. A show about defining moments, defining songs, music as a rite of passage and, most of all, about finding your own voice (even if it's only Neil Young's). Commissioned by BAC.

“It is a loveable little piece that makes you want to hug yourself and hug its has a quirky appeal that defies all labels.”



Directed by Michael Dick.

My first solo show, commissioned for Getting Personal at Chisenhale Dance Space. A meditation on emotion, it involved an eclectic mixture of movement, sound, text, skipping, football and a twirling model of a ballet dancer inside a musical bottle. It appeared in the Now Festival and Nottdance and also appeared in Germany including the British Council’s Brits ‘n’ Pieces Festival.

“It is a vindication of the notion that theatre can be moving, thought-provoking, entertaining and awe inspiring” LIVE ART MAGAZINE

SOMETHING OR NOTHING (1 or 0) - 2011

Directed by Sinéad Rushe

The fifth and most recent of my solo shows. Presently on tour. More info here.